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Portable XRD Analyzer TERRA II and BTX III


Portable XRD Analyzer TERRA II and BTX III

TERRA™ II Portable XRD Analyzer

The successor to the world's first commercial battery-operated, portable XRD, the TERRA II analyzer has a battery life up to six hours and a rugged, weatherproof case for fast in-field analysis of major and minor mineral components.

The TERRA II analyzer offers powerful features that make it a portable, lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free alternative to conventional XRD.

  • Unique small sample holder that requires only 15 mg of sample
  • Works without the need for external power, compressed gas, water cooling, a secondary chiller, or external transformer, keeping the cost of ownership low
  • Connect the analyzer to your devices using wireless capabilities
  • Powered by intuitive SwiftMin® software to streamline your workflow with a single dashboard, preset calibrations, easy data export, and automatic data transfer

Increased Speed and Sensitivity Power Swift Decisions

Powerful, intuitive software is paired with improved X-ray detectors for enhanced sensitivity, faster analysis times, and more reliable results.

  • Updated X-ray detector hardware runs faster and offers more intensity, leading to lower limits of detection (LODs)
  • SwiftMin® automated phase ID and quantitative software provides real-time data directly on the XRD analyzer, so you can make decisions quickly and with confidence

Easy Sample Prep

Conventional XRD instruments require a large batch of sample to be finely ground and pressed into a pellet to ensure a sufficiently random orientation of the crystals.

In contrast, the TERRA II analyzer’s small vibrating sample holder convects all particles within the sample chamber, ensuring that data is virtually free of orientation effects. As a result, only 15 mg of sample is required, easily obtained using the supplied sample kit.


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