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Fast, accurate, and versatile, the MetraSCAN 3DTM optical CMM scanner line-up is designed for manufacturing and metrology professionals who want to deliver approved quality parts quickly and effi ciently.

Insensitive to shop fl oor vibrations, part movement, and environmental instability, the MetraSCAN 3D signifi cantly increases the effi ciency, reliability, and versatility of measurement processes. Engineered to work both in the metrology lab and on the production fl oor, the MetraSCAN 3D is optimized to perform metrology-grade measurements
and 3D surface inspections on a large variety
of parts regardless of size, material, fi nish, or complexity. Simply put, the MetraSCAN 3D is the ideal metrology tool for quality control and quality assurance applications.


The MetraSCAN 3D

features 15 laser crosses and a high measurement rate to provide accelerated scanning time. From quick setup to real-time meshing and ready-to-use files, the measurement workflow has never been faster. The time savings in data measurement, acquisition, and analysis is simply impressive!

High measurement rate
Up to 1,800,000 measurements/second

Large scanning area
15 laser crosses

Quick setup
Up and running in less than 2 minutes No warm-up time


Free from any rigid measurement setup requirements, the MetraSCAN 3D is designed specifically for use on the shop floor. Accredited ISO 17025 and compliant with the VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard, the MetraSCAN 3D delivers accurate results, regardless of the measurement setup quality and the user’s experience level. Thanks to the C-TrackTM optical tracker that enables dynamic referencing, the scanner, the part and the optical tracker can move during inspection and still provide accurate measurements.

0.025 mm

Volumetric accuracy
0.064 mm

Reliable acceptance test
Based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Shop floor accuracy with dynamic referencing
Measurement accuracy insensitive to environmental instabilities

High resolution
Masters complex and highly detailed parts


Highly versatile, the MetraSCAN 3D can be used to scan various part sizes and surface finishes in real time—all with the same device. With its extendable measurement volume, parts of any shape, complexity,

and geometry can be measured easily without loss in accuracy or conventional leapfrog. When combined with the HandyPROBE, the measurement system acquires even more versatility: probing for geometrical entities and 3D scanning for complete surface inspection.

Blue laser technology
Ideal for shiny and reflective surfaces

Large and easily extendable measurement volume
Wider than other portable CMMs No leapfrog required

Optional HandyPROBE
Combination of both 3D scanning and probing No target required

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